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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"What Future for Digital Media?" A Dischromentary.

I have been constantly doing research about the use of Digital Media within Further Education and came across this "little gem". Although it is not specifically related to my inquiry, I found it both useful and interesting at the ways it picks out the problems with Digital Media as well as Glamourising it.

This has clarified what I have found out so far, that although a lot of people disagree with the takeover of Digital Media, they cannot argue with the fact that it may possibly be a better way in order to have films, images, books, music etc.

Is Digital Media really as timeless as predicted?



  1. Hi Daniel

    I have sent you my SOW and Lesson Plan for video feedback/student self evaluation lessons (to your facebook account in a message/link).


  2. Thank you,

    I am currently writing a SOW for multi-camera techniques (which I am teaching next term). This will include a lot of Digital Media for assessment so I will send it over once its finished!

    I have some questionnaires that I have done for my inquiry (a sample is on my blog) once I have analysed the data would it be beneficial to you to have my results?