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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Module 3: Professional Inquiry

I have begun developing materials, resources, research for my inquiry as well as planning to create a documentary style version of it.

I may have set my aims a bit too high for this module but I have decided this is where I need to prioritise my work load.

The topic I have decided for my inquiry is:

"How often is Digital Media used within Further Education and how is it beneficial to the student's learning?"

This question came to mind because I work as a Media Lecturer within Further Education and have recently started to notice that the use of many different forms of Digital Media are being explored to an extent that i feel looks like an obsession.

I have had e-mails sent to me at work, exploring different forms of Digital Media, whether it is Audio, Visual or interactive.

It seems as though Digital Media is becoming a "Solution" for a lot of lecturers. By this I mean there are many different ways to monitor student's work and keep a track on their progress via online sources such as "Moodle", which personally I feel decreases the contact time given to the learners and doesn't allow for full understanding on the lecturer's part, of the learners needs.

I am in two minds about the use of Digital Media within education, as I can agree with using it for teaching aides and "extended learning"however, as I stated above, I do not agree with it becoming a "Solution/ Excuse".

If anybody has any opinions about the use of Digital Media within Further Education teaching and learning, please share your thoughts. It doesn't matter what subject you teach, you don't even have to teach, you could be learning.

I will attach a questionnaire to my blog soon. Please feel free to comment.