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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Practicing what I preach...

Having written the complete draft of the "Critical Review", I have been using my findings to try and better my teaching.

From next week (week of 15th April 2013) I am beginning a new unit with my students, Multi-Camera Techniques, so I feel that it will be really easy to incorporate Digital Media into my teaching.

I will be using video clips in order to help the students gain an understanding of the way's Multi-Camera Techniques are used throughout the film and television industry as well as showing them the equipment they will be using in order to create their own Multi- Camera Productions.

I will show them how to upload their final projects online for assessment as well as having the students film me explaining the equipment.

I feel that the use of digital media within teaching and learning can benefit the learners and help them to gain a more independent approach towards their learning.... I have had trouble in the past with them being "Spoon Fed" so to speak... although it can be quite difficult not to do this as my job role is first and foremost a "TEACHER!"

I hope that undertaking this Inquiry will benefit others as much as it has benefitted me already, I feel that gaining insights into different approaches to teaching is beneficial to everyone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

e-learning meeting

Here is a clip from the e-learning meeting I attended a few weeks back. i have picked out the main information that I found useful and has helped me with my Inquiry.

It is more Digital Media incorporated with e-learning than anything else.

1st drafts done!

I have say here for four days typing away and I have finally finished the first drafts of all four sections of the Critical Review!

Now to proof read and sort out the appendices!

I'm so glad I took a week off work for this :)