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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Practicing what I preach...

Having written the complete draft of the "Critical Review", I have been using my findings to try and better my teaching.

From next week (week of 15th April 2013) I am beginning a new unit with my students, Multi-Camera Techniques, so I feel that it will be really easy to incorporate Digital Media into my teaching.

I will be using video clips in order to help the students gain an understanding of the way's Multi-Camera Techniques are used throughout the film and television industry as well as showing them the equipment they will be using in order to create their own Multi- Camera Productions.

I will show them how to upload their final projects online for assessment as well as having the students film me explaining the equipment.

I feel that the use of digital media within teaching and learning can benefit the learners and help them to gain a more independent approach towards their learning.... I have had trouble in the past with them being "Spoon Fed" so to speak... although it can be quite difficult not to do this as my job role is first and foremost a "TEACHER!"

I hope that undertaking this Inquiry will benefit others as much as it has benefitted me already, I feel that gaining insights into different approaches to teaching is beneficial to everyone!


  1. Hi Daniel

    So this is a form of experimental teaching? Using technology (video clips) as a visual learning tool. Could you then evaluate and analyse the effects of using the multi-camera techniques in class. Perhaps ask your students to self-assess their own progress using a self-evaluation worksheet/survey or recording an interview after the session? I found some literature of using technology in dance, if helpful? A link to John Hattie's size effect chart (shows that ICT tools can be effective in student learning). http://www.learningandteaching.info/teaching/what_works.htm

    And a review I posted on my blog on Friday, 29 March 2013

    Literature Review - Gardner (Theory of Multiple Intelligences)

    Good luck with the lesson, it sounds very interesting and fun for your students :)

    Hope to see you at the final campus session next week.


  2. Hi Gemma,

    I have created target books for my students, they will set SMART targets at the beginning of the unit, then each lesson fill out what they want to achieve, what they have achieved and what they intend to do next lesson to achieve. This is not really Digital Media related but seems to be a great reflection tool.

    I have also put a signature box at the bottom of each page for me to sign every lesson (as a tactic to make them think I will be looking at everything, making their independent learning more effective). I start using these Tuesday, on Thursday we could discuss how this worked?

    Independent learning seems to be what OFSTED look for a lot these days and it is something I have struggled with in my subject area.

    I am currently in training today about punctuality and effective questioning in lessons which can also be used as a good reflection tool (obviously punctuality is a separate training session to questioning). I will post about what I have found out from these sessions this evening. Hopefully this will help you with lesson questioning in a way that is a beneficial reflection tool for both yourself and your learners.

    Thank you for all of the resources you have been providing me.

    See you on Thursday.