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Friday, March 15, 2013

Module 3- Campus Session 2

Having only attended 2 campus sessions in total throughout my time on the course, I came to realise how important these sessions actually are.

This session in particular gave me the reassurance and confidence needed in order to succeed in the final Module. Not only this, but it allowed me to have answered the questions I needed answering.

This blog post is basically to talk people through my thoughts and findings from the campus session, and hopefully be able to help those that were unable attend understand in the way that I now do.

Tips From the Campus Session:

As it states in the Module handbook, the first part of the Module is to write "A Critical Review".

The critical review (also stated in the handbook) should be completed in four sections:

Introduction-----Evaluation of the Inquiry Process-----Analysis of Findings-----Critical Reflection

I have written my introduction and I did this prior to the campus session, however, I googled dissertation introductions in order to guide me on how to write this to the 500 word limit.

Some tips that should help you write the introduction

The Introduction has a 500 word limit.

  • Establish the context, background and/ or importance of the topic.
  • Indicate a problem, controversy or a gap in the field of study.
  • Define the topic or key terms.
  • State the purpose of the essay/ writing
  • Provide an overview of the coverage and/ or structure of the writing.

Writing your Evaluation of the Inquiry Process

The Evaluation of the Inquiry Process has a 2500 word limit.

This section is literally what it says, an evaluation. You need to evaluate everything to do with the process of your inquiry, including the ways in which you have researched and the methods you have used.

Analysis of findings

The Analysis of Findings has a 2500 word limit.

I have understood that this section is "Your Inquiry". You will analyse all of your data and also include appendices. Use the appendices for evidencing your findings; for example, graphs to backup data, permission forms, sample questionnaires etc.

Critical Reflection

The Critical Reflection has a 500 word limit.

The Critical Reflection is a reflection on your work throughout the Module. (The same as always done at the end of the previous Modules).


Professional Artefact

The professional Artefact was the one thing that I had no clue about.

From the campus session I wrote the following points about the artefact which seems to have given me an idea about what it is:

  • Something that is available to be used by others in order to gain certain information.
  • The Artefact is not your Inquiry.
  • A physical, useful piece of work that is beneficial to others that has been formulated from you doing your inquiry.
An example is: 

I am doing my Inquiry in how digital media benefits learners in further education, therefore I could create tutorials about how certain digital media work or can be uploaded to the internet in order to benefit the learners.

The artefact can also be a working process and remember the 3000 word limit for this is just an indicative word count.


This is all of the information I have for now, but if you have any questions I would be happy to help.

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  1. Hey Dan!

    Thanks again for the tips! Your blog is very easy to understand so I really appreciate that! Not being able to attend the campus sessions can make you feel somewhat out of the loop!

    Thanks for the information regarding the artefact, I too didn't really understand what to do! I'm concerned that I have now gone from having no idea to having too many ideas!?

    How is your inquiry going?

    Thanks again