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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Questionnaire Questions

I have just realised I sent my last post without providing a list of all of the questions within my questionnaire.

They are as follows:

1.     What is your job role within Further Education? (If you specialize in a specific subject area, please state)


2.     If you are a Lecturer, do you use any forms of Digital Media within your teaching?

Yes☐       No

3.     If Yes to Question 2, what forms of Digital Media do you use within your
Your teaching? (you may select more than one answer)

Still Images & Graphics ☐      Video & Motion- Graphics


4.     Do you feel that the use of Digital Media within teaching is beneficial to the
learners within the classroom?

Yes ☐      No

            Please give a brief statement explaining the reasoning behind your answer.

5.     If you use Digital Media within your teaching, what specific Digital Media do
Incorporate into lessons that benefit different learning styles, such as kinesthetic, audible and visual learners?

6.     Do you believe that the use of Digital Media within teaching and learning
is an essential part of education?

Yes ☐      No

7.     Do you use Digital Media to aide the learners outside of the classroom?

Yes ☐      No

8.     Do you feel that learners benefit from the use of Digital Media in order to
allow them to self assess their progress?

Yes ☐      No

9.     Do you feel that the use of Digital Media helps you to assess the learner’s progress?

Yes ☐      No

If Yes, please give a brief statement outlining the way you use Digital Media in order to help you assess your learners’ progress.


10.  If you have any opinions based on the use of Digital Media within education
and whether it is beneficial to the learners’, please state below.


  1. Daniel is you use "survey monkey" to create your survey for free you can email/FB/Blog the link to all your SIG groups. They can complete it anonomously and the programme will also calculate the response data for you! :)

  2. Thanks!! I was wondering how to do that, I tried uploading the word document with no luck haha!