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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Analysis of Data

Today I have decided to organise all of my research findings and analyse the data from my questionnaires.

Having done so, I feel that I have allowed myself a clearer head for when I write my critical analysis. I have also found that whilst analysing all of my research, it pays to make notes of the things that are going well and the things that aren't, this will help when writing the Critical Evaluation.

Now to make a dent in the critical analysis....


  1. Hi Daniel

    You have just reminded me of my next task to begin to analyse data received from my survey/interviews etc.


    I hope you received the SOW/Lesson plans i sent okay and that these were helpful?



  2. They were great thank you!

    Did you receive mine?

    I have been trying to get on with it but I'm getting totally distracted.


  3. Hey Dan

    I too have made notes throughout this process as its very hard to keep track of everything simultaneously!

    The schedule in my inquiry plan was very simple but that was only considering my own availability, I have done everything in a different order whilst trying to work around other people! I have tasks that are half completed etc and so I have had to try and keep on top of my progress in ways that I didn't plan to initially.

    Sounds like you're inquiry is progressing well!