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Monday, October 8, 2012

Part 4a: Questions Relevant to my practice

I have been working hard to find a way to ask questions that are relevant to my practice. In the end, I needed to make two categories for my questions as they are based on two different topics, although somewhat connected in the way the questions could be thought about...

Skills Based Questions

What does the organization you work for do to help/ make sure your skills are developed to a sufficient standard for your job role but also make the skills personally beneficial?

How relevant are your competencies in your current job role, compared to a different role within your field of work? (e.g. working as a Media Technician compared to being a Media Lecturer)

Do any of your skills get used to help develop the skills of others?

Are there any skills in your skill set that have to be updated/ re-evaluated on a regular basis? (This question could relate to compulsory training within an organization you currently/ previously/ aspire to work for)

Are there any specific tools needed to develop your skills further?

How much or a role do facilities play in your skills development?

Media Based Questions

How do you know which sector of the Media industry you would like to work in?

How easy is it to get a job within the Media industry?

Within film and T.V, if there are no jobs, what is the best way to keep your aspirations alive and not fall into a job that you don't want?

Is there only one job role within Media that can be undertaken or is it possible to do more than one role?

Can I use my Media skills to get into a field of work that is completely different?

A Question that I have been asking myself on a regular basis lately...

Why do I want to teach Media, rather than stay in a Technical Media role?

I am going to take these questions to several people I know within the college I work, and find out their own personal answers. It would be great if you could answer these questions, even if you are not Media based, the Media questions may be relevant in your field of work. It would be great to see a comparison between different skill bases.


  1. Hi Daniel, I plan to explore using ICT in dance lessons, so your background knowledge and your questions around Media are of great interest to me (SIG buddies?). Here are my answers to your skills based set of questions which I hope you will find helpful?

    Q1: My academy focus on teacher CPD (continual professional development)and place a heavy emphasis on observations.

    Q2 : My skills are relevant to my currnet role as a dance teacher. I have been teaching dance for 10 years, however my forte is with teaching dance to students who are interested in a career in performing arts (I have to also teach key stage 3 classes).

    Q3 : Some of the other staff teach dance and drama giving me the opportunity to share my skills.

    Q4 : In order to keep up to date with current trends I observe dance works on You-Tube and attend dance classes / courses.

    Q5 : Tools needed to develop my skills include maintaining a healthy body for practical study as well as reading, observing and researching professional works.

    Q6 : Facilities are important in my role to develop skills. You need a studio space, music, mirrors and ideas.


  2. Hi Gemma,

    Thank you so much for your answers they are appreciated!

    It would be great the be SIG buddies, hopefully we can both learn something from each other.

    If you have anything you may want to ask me, my e-mail is: danielday1989@googlemail.com or you can add me on facebook, "Dan James Day" or follow me on twitter, danielday1989. I think that is all of the social networks I use (there are so many these days).


  3. Actually, here is my new facebook account made specifically for SIG, still feel free to add my personal one.