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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back to work: First impressions of Module 2

After having a few months away from doing any uni work, I thought it would be difficult to slip back into the mindset and be enthusiastic about getting started.

I downloaded all three readers for the entire Module and the program handbook and began to read through what is expected. After reading Reader 4: "Developing lines of Professional Inquiry" my enthusiasm kicked in.

I have struggled with the past work that I have completed whilst on BAPP, just because I found it difficult to be able to put all of my media knowledge across in a way that would relate to the course and also be made interesting to others reading my blog posts.

This Module is exciting, there is so much going through my mind after reading the reader, there are so many "topics" I could use in order to create an interesting and dynamic inquiry.

I am going to give this some thought over the next couple of days, brainstorm some ideas and do some extra reading so that I can make the most out of the inquiry.

I am hoping to make the transition form Media Technician to full time Media Lecturer in the coming months, something that I have been working to achieve for some time now... this could play a major part in my work.

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