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Monday, October 15, 2012

Campus Session 1: 9th October 2012

I am glad I attended this campus session, I was beginning to feel lost within the work that is required, and this session cleared up some problems I had with the whole questioning process of the Module.

In the session we paired up and had to come up with some questions regarding asking the correct questions.

Here are some of the notes that I took from the session, including some that I picked up from listening to others in the group:

Why are you asking the question?

Do Experiences dictate the questions you ask?

What is my intention for asking the question? (Intentive Questioning)

What is the relevance of the question you are asking?

Are you asking the question in the correct context to gain the correct information?

How many questions will you have to ask before you get the information you need?

Consider your resources before asking your questions.

Can you expand your questions out of your safety zone?

Who can enhance your knowledge?

Has somebody already answered the question? (if they have, how can you answer it differently?)

These notes have helped me with my inquiry, so hopefully they will be useful to others. :D

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