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Monday, April 23, 2012

Task 3a: Current Networks

Establishing all of the different networks I use on a daily basis was quite a revelation as to why I use certain networks in the first place.

Throughout my working day, I tend to use e-mail to network with my colleagues, sending them important information and receiving it. This is a crucial part of my job as this allows me to document conversations and keep a “paper-trail” of anything of importance that is occurring. This is also relating back to journaling.
I have to make sure that when I am e-mailing something of importance that the language I use is correct and that the e-mail is structured correctly. This adds a sense of professionalism to the network.

I also do a lot of my networking during work via the telephone. I use this when I need to share information quickly, especially if something is urgent. The telephone call is then put into an e-mail as a record of the conversation had.

I have both “Facebook” and “Twitter” and tend to use both for personal networking. There have been occasions where I have used these on a more professional basis, for example, when I have had to do some filming I found this the best way to communicate with the cast and crew.

Since doing this course, I have realised the extent of networking within my daily life, whether it be within my workplace or just general social networking. I have come to realise how important networking has become and how it has developed without even realising.

I also feel that social networking in general is so common nowadays, that people do it without thinking, it has just become common nature. 

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  1. Hi Dan

    The point you make about having a paper trail is an important one. Having a paper trail means that you can always familiarise yourself with information that has been shared which is not always possible when networking through the use of telephone conversations. it is a valid point to raise and something worth considering.