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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Biggest step in my career

For several years now I have been training to become a Media Lecturer (which is also one of the reasons I am studying on BAPP).

A position became available last month at my current place of work for a full time lecturer and of course I went for it with little feeling that I was going to get it.

I went for the interview last Tuesday (13th November 2012) and can safely say I felt it was the worst interview I have ever had. 

However, shortly after the interview I was led into the same room that I had my interview (even though I had the interview I had to continue with my technician duties for the day) and was ultimately told CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE THE JOB!

I have never been so surprised and happy in all my life! It is what I have been working towards for a long time!

This just proves that if you work for something for long enough and stick with it, you will eventually achieve your goal.

Although I have the job I desire, it doesn't mean the end of hard work, in fact I now have to balance planning lessons with uni work.

I had best get cracking!



  1. Congratulations!
    Balancing everthing is so hard, i work 6 days a week aswell as this course but if you set aside an hour here or there it rally makes the difference!

    Good Luck.


  2. Thank you!

    Tell me about it, when I finish work for the day it is as if it doesn't stop there, I feel like there is never any time for uni work. But when I get started I seem to get a flow going.


  3. Congratualtions daniel.
    Hard work definatly does pay off eventually. I totally understand how difficult it is to have a full time job that you out your heart into then to come home and continue this.
    im really interested to know what age group you are working with? do you think that because they are of a older age it makes them easier to work with? also the fact that as it is a college they tend to want to be there instead of have to be there?
    i work with nursery age children, so we are at different ends of the spectrum, my children are just discovering and exploring, yours are now looking at there future careers. would be very interesting to no how they work tho.

    lots of luck

  4. Hi Emily, Thank you!

    My students are generally aged 16-19, sometimes you do get some older students.

    In some ways it is easier to work with them because they are older but in in other ways it isn't, sometimes the student may have decided to do the course because they think it is easy and that there will be no theory. Getting work out of them can prove a challenge if they are not interested in the unit being taught at the time. I also find that they are at the age where a "social life" can often become more important than doing the coursework and the students then fall behind, and because you are constantly having to talk to them about the situation and try to get them to do the work they can often feel as if they are being picked on and their behaviour could get worse, so I guess it's all about the way behaviour is manage, for example, making sure that the management of behaviour is consistent and fair, so not one rule for one and a different rule for another and also managing the behaviour at the time any issues occur.

    The students that are staring college from September 2013 have no choice but to stay in education until they are 18, so at a guess, they may still have the secondary school mentality which could possibly change the entire dynamic of what a college is actually about.

    Hope this helps.