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Friday, March 23, 2012

Eventful Friday!

So today was an eventful day at work.

When I first went in, I expected just the usual, sorting students out with the correct equipment and assasting them with their film projects... This was until at approximately 9:00am the marketing department cotact me and say that Nina Wadia (Zainab Masood from Eastenders) was coming in to talk to the drama students. They then said that they want me to film the press conference that would be part of FAME magazine (a performing arts magazine which is student based in hertfordshire... I will post a link to their website later).

I asked them what time I would need to do this and they told me 9:15 am... this is when the pressure was on! I had literally 15 minutes to grab as much equipment as I could, set up a 3 point lighting plan in a studio that was nowhere near the television studio (which of course would be the ideal location as everything would be to hand!)

Luckily I managed to get everything set up in time and the conference went well.

This is the kind of working under pressure that keeps my line of work interesting! Sometimes the most rewarding tasks can be the most unexpected and of course stressful. :D

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